August 2nd 2027 - The Day of the LORD

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The purpose of this page is to inform you of the various campaigns that are going on in an effort to get the word out. As more campaigns are launched, this page will be updated. In order for this information to spread, Lord willing, we need all the help we can get! Every blog, Facebook like, and Tweet counts. Tell all your friends and family and coworkers. We have started the hashtags #August2nd2027 and #TheApocalypse to help organize the twitter conversation.



Our first billboard, with night lighting and in plain view, is located on the right side of Interstate 35 as you head north toward Dallas at Exit 311 in Troy TX!

Our second billboard, with an updated design, taking the same location as the first billboard, with night lighting and in plain view, marks the one year anniversary of the billboard campaign. It is designed to explain the significance of the date, namely, a biblical eclipse in Jerusalem will occur.

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