August 2nd 2027 - The Day of the LORD

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21st Century Solar Eclipses Visible from Jerusalem

Only 2 solar eclipses get darker in Jerusalem than the solar eclipse of 8/2/2027 in the 21st Century.

Only 3 solar eclipses get closer to Jerusalem than the solar eclipse of 8/2/2027 in the 21st Century.

No other solar eclipse parallels the precise timing of 12:00 PM Israel Standard Time than the eclipse of 8/2/2027.

All eclipses that are darker and closer to Jerusalem occur during or after the period of 2030-2060, the last hour of judgment on the Papal European beast. This period of time is solid and fixed by other inspired Bible prophecies. Since Armageddon must take place prior to this last hour, 8/2/2027 is the only eclipse in our history that fits. Because Armageddon must occur before 2030, and the 8/2/2027 eclipse was the darkest and closest eclipse to Jerusalem for the years 2030 and prior, I determined 2027 was the year of Armageddon. Therefore, from 2027 to 2067 it will take 40 years to gather the Jews from the farthest corners of the earth, which is the same amount of time of their Exodus in the wilderness. 2067 is exactly 100 years from the 6-Day War in 1967, or 2 Jubilee periods. 2067 is also 120 years from 1947, the passing of UN Resolution #181, the same length as the lifetime of Moses and the same amount of time Noah had to preach the flood. It was two months later in November 2011 that I discovered the darkest moment of this eclipse was precisely 12:00 PM, my most convincing evidence that is confirmed by the Bible, which solidified my convictions that 8/2/2027 is when Jesus Christ will stand on the Mount of Olives.

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